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Winterisation Service

On 17th December we carried out a Winterisation service. The customer very kindly allowed us to take a series of photographs to document the process. Here is a picture-by-picture account of a winterisation service.

A very cold start….

After an 8.30am start on a cold December morning, it was time to get the cover off and get to work. This tub was destined for a winterisation service, ready to be put into hibernation for the winter.


It’s very important to either have a winterisation service or to keep your hot tub running during the winter months. Once the pumps and heater are turned off, the water will inevitibly cool down. If the outside temperature drops near to or below freezing, the chance of the water in the tub, pipework, heater and pumps freezing increases. If this should happen, there is a very high chance of one or more components cracking due to expansion (yes, water expands when in freezes). This can cause huge amounts of damage which isn’t initially seen. It won’t be until spring when you turn the pumps back on that you will notice that you are losing water!

Time for a clean


Chemical cleaner is added to the water and the pumps are run. This cleaner will help remove all the biofilm that has built-up in the tub, pipework, pumps and heater since the last service. It appears as the nasty looking foam on the surface of the water (see opposite).

It’s drain down time

Once we are happy that the Chemical Cleaner has “done its thing” and all of the biofilm is visible, it’s time to drain down.


We find a suitable drainage point and with the aid of a submersible pump, the job of draining down the hot tub begins. Never try to run the pumps to help drain the tub, this will cause them to run dry, never a good thing for a pump designed to move water!

Every last drop of water

Using a specialist vacuum, every last drop of water is removed from the tub, jets, pipework, filter housing and pumps.


As mentioned above, even the smallest amount of water can cause damage if/when it freezes.

Don’t forget the filters!

After a thorough clean and checkover, the filters are put to one side to dry. They are then handed back to the client for safekeeping and further drying indoors, ready to be reused in the spring.


If for any reason the filters cannot be reused, we can supply new ones at very competitive prices.

Its a wrap!

The inside of the hot tub is cleaned once again, this time by hand. It is then hand-dried, giving us a chance to check over the internal fittings and jets. The cover and external panels are given a clean down, all pipework unions checked and access panels replaced.


Finally, the hot tub is wrapped in an industrial grade polythene and sealed. This protects the tub from the elements during the harsh winter months.

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