A Christmas miracle - Hot Tub Hero's

A Christmas miracle

Platinum Spa Barcelona hot tub - supplied and installed by Hot Tub Hero's

The date is Thursday 27th December 2018 and Hot Tub Hero’s have just completed an annual service to a customer’s tub. An enquiry comes through via Facebook asking about a Hot Tub Service; how much, how soon can we carry it out, nothing out of the ordinary. Little did I know that before that day was out, I would have pulled off my own Christmas miracle!

I called the customer to have a chat and the conversation takes an unexpected twist…… The next thing I know, I have called my hot tub supplier in Sheffield, booked my electrician and have made arrangements to supply and install a new hot tub on Sunday 30th December!

We collected the tub the following day (thanks again to our supplier and their team for agreeing to open up for us during their Christmas break!) and got everything ready for Sunday.

A beautifully sunny Sunday morning – perfect weather for a hot tub installation!

Platinum Spa Barcelona, supplied and installed by HotTubHero's.

The finished, fully installed hot tub.

A “Platinum Spa, Barcelona” model with additional wi-fi module.

Using the optional wi-fi module, the user can control the functions of the spa using an app on their mobile phone!

Standard features of this hot tub are:-

  • Bluetooth music
  • LED lights
  • Ozone system
  • 2 Loungers & 3 Seats
  • Waterfall & triple fountain

For more information or for a quotation, please get in touch.

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